OPTIGLAZE & OPTIGLAZE Color This light curable composite can work wonders for your lab! Change shades, shift value, characterize, create effects & glaze all your resin type prosthetics Add color, surface gloss and high wear resistance to your Composite, Acrylic, and PMMA type materials Choose from 17 shades LiSi Press ingots This stronger, better-looking lithium […]

3D Printing in Your Dental Lab

Why 3D Printing? 3D Printing is an extension of your manufacturing process. If you are a Crown & Bridge Lab and have been milling for years, 3D Printing is an easy addition to your digital capabilities. If you have not yet “gone digital”, fear not. 3D Printing is easy to implement in any lab environment. […]

Need a Replacement for Hy-Pro or Characterized Acrylic? Try GC’s Nature-Cryl HI 20-ET Acrylic!

Both Dentsply HY-PRO & CHARACTERIZED denture acrylics are being discontinued. A perfect replacement for either of these acrylics is GC America’s Nature-Cryl HI 20-ET Acrylic! Benefits: High impact strength to resist breakage Easily finished and polished Accurate fit 20 minute cure Conventional two-hour cure Overnight curing Extended working time Can be kept overnight if refrigerated […]

Cara Print 4.0 3D Printer

 cara Print 4.0 3D Printer offers dental technicians a faster, more economical method of producing polymer-based dental appliances in-house. Not only does it provide a cost-effective alternative to milling for certain indications, it is more competitively priced than other 3D printers on the market, while still meeting all the accuracy requirements. Features Include: Most print […]

Vinyl Scanner by Smart Optics

The new, fast Vinyl dental scanner has everything you will need to scan models and impressions. The Vinyl scanner will save you time and make scanning a breeze!  Its features include: Scan Complete Jaw in 16 sec Compatible with exocad® Triple Tray® Impression Scan Articulator Scan Fully Automated Z-axis Texture Scan in Color or Monochrome multiDie […]

QuickBase 10min Heat Cure Acrylic by Snow Rock

Sometimes you have a rush case and need a fast curing acrylic to add to your workflow. Snow Rock’s QuickBase Acrylic is what you need!     QuickBase acrylic can be press-packed or injected. Takes only 10 minutes to cure in boiling water! Takes 20 mins to bench cool after curing in boiling water 8 […]