Cara 3D Printer Demo Day in Cleveland/Independence, Ohio

  When:      Friday, October 25, 2019       1:00 PM – 4:00 PM   Where:    Courtyard by Marriott Cleveland/Independence                  5051 West Creek Road Independence, OH   44131       Call us to RSVP 800-377-1448 or    What to Expect: A start to finish, hands-on […]

Dental Model 3D Printing

Many Dental Labs and Orthodontists are interested Dental Model 3D Printing.  Kulzer is introducing a new dima Print resin for models called dima Print Stone which has several advantages: 30%+ Faster Print TIme Improved Dimensional Accuracy Better Heat Resistance for Vacuum Forming Traditional Labstone Buff Color The new dima Print Stone material will save time […]

Pritidenta® Single Shaded, Unshaded & Multi-Layered Zirconia Milling Disks

Pritidenta® has developed a seamless gradient look in their multi layered (MultiColor), zirconia milling disks that look natural!    You can easily choose to position your units lower in the multilayer dental milling disk for a darker shade or higher in the disk for a lighter shade. These esthetic zirconia multilayer disks are available in […]


OPTIGLAZE & OPTIGLAZE Color This light curable composite can work wonders for your lab! Change shades, shift value, characterize, create effects & glaze all your resin type prosthetics Add color, surface gloss and high wear resistance to your Composite, Acrylic, and PMMA type materials Choose from 17 shades LiSi Press ingots This stronger, better-looking lithium […]

3D Printing in Your Dental Lab

Why 3D Printing? 3D Printing is an extension of your manufacturing process. If you are a Crown & Bridge Lab and have been milling for years, 3D Printing is an easy addition to your digital capabilities. If you have not yet “gone digital”, fear not. 3D Printing is easy to implement in any lab environment. […]

Need a Replacement for Hy-Pro or Characterized Acrylic? Try GC’s Nature-Cryl HI 20-ET Acrylic!

Both Dentsply HY-PRO & CHARACTERIZED denture acrylics are being discontinued. A perfect replacement for either of these acrylics is GC America’s Nature-Cryl HI 20-ET Acrylic! Benefits: High impact strength to resist breakage Easily finished and polished Accurate fit 20 minute cure Conventional two-hour cure Overnight curing Extended working time Can be kept overnight if refrigerated […]